I'm interested in adding WordPress to my Squarespace studio's offerings!

Many of our designer consulting clients have mentioned that they want to be able to take care of their Squarespace clients when they outgrow the platform, or they feel constrained creatively. We're considering offering a collaborative workshop for Squarespace designers to help you do just that. It may happen, it may not... We're in the "interest gathering stage," so to speak.

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    Sarah Moon

    Founder, SM+Co

    Who am I?

    I'm Sarah Moon, founder of SM+Co, a small but mighty website design and business strategy company in Portland, Oregon. We're focused on helping our clients market their businesses in "ungross," effective and sustainable ways.

    How do we do that? Well, with savvy processes, a smart team and a commitment to doing things "the right way," each and every time. Learn more at sarahmoon.net.

    Potential Topics

    • How to set up your WordPress site so it's as secure as Squarespace
    • How to make WordPress user-friendly like Squarespace
    • Setup standard operating procedure
    • Communicating with clients around the platforms' differences
    • Wrangling plugin nonsense
    • All the annoying lingo differences
    • And other stuff...